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Remote Command Line

Remote Command Line

Access the power of your PC's Command Prompt from anywhere

Remote Command Line will give you the power of your PC's command line from your Android device. Simply install the server on your PC, download the app for Android and you'll be able to connect to your computer over any internet connection, send commands, receive output and use the command line with all the functionality you'd have if you were really at your PC.

Visit the Google Play store to purchase the app.

App Version: 1.3.0

Click here to download the latest server for your PC.

Server Version: 1.1.0

Server Installation

  1. Download and place the .exe wherever you like.
    (It's recommended to place a shortcut to it in your Startup folder so the server can run automatically each time your PC starts).

  2. Run the program, adjust the settings to what you want and press "Save settings".

  3. Done! The Remote Command Line Server is now set up to use, either by pressing "Start" or by allowing the server to automatically start.