Snappy! The quick'n'snappy Minecraft snapshot downloader

(With the new Minecraft launcher, Snappy! is now no longer needed to get the latest snapshots)

Current version: v1.1.0

Click here to download the latest version of Snappy!

View the thread on the official Minecraft forum.


Screenshot of the program's main display window


  1. Download and place the .exe wherever you like.
    (I recommend placing a shortcut to it in your Startup folder or just placing the .exe there so Snappy! can run in the background every time your PC starts and always be checking for the latest snapshot.)

  2. Run Snappy! and right click the tray icon to open the settings window

  3. Adjust the settings to what you want and press "Save"!

  4. Done! Let Snappy! run in the background for you and it will notify you if anymore snapshots are released

Version History